Team Surviking

De gidsen en Instructeurs van Team Surviking

Ons ervaren team met professionals, WGA-, IPGA Guides en/of International Mountain Leaders staat klaar voor een onvergetelijke Trektocht, Expeditie, Workshop of Training. Wij werken enkel met gekwalificeerde mensen die hun vak verstaan. Het vak van Wildernisgids is veel meer dan een reisbegeleider zijn van een groepsreis of instructeur in bushcraft- en/of survivalvaardigheden.

Onze gidsen hebben een gedegen Wildernisgidsenopleiding of International Mountain Leader opleiding gevolgd in binnen- en buitenland en aantoonbare stagedagen moeten draaien onder supervisie.

José Naranjo
IPGA Guide

José Naranjo

Surviking Reizen

José Naranjo is a polar explorer who has been exploring the Arctic and Antarctica more than 30 years.

Professionally he is also the owner and founder of Arctic World (http://www.arctic-, a travel agency specialized in trips and expeditions to the Polar Regions.

As a polar expeditionary person, José Naranjo has a long and awarded experience. He has won the Spanish Geographic Society award which is the most important Spanish award about geographical knowledge..

Among lots of expeditions carried out by him, is important to highlight the Trans-Greenland 2001 an expedition that crossed Greenland from the south to the north in total autonomy with a sled hauled by giant kites, becoming the fastest polar crossing in history.

Also noteworthy in his polar career the Trans-Baltic 2003 expedition. It was the first ever crossing of the Baltic Sea with skis through the icebreakers route. And the Penny Icecap 2009 and Barnes icecap 2012 expeditions that were the first complete crossings of history of two remote polar caps located in Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.

Also he is the creator and coordinator of the first hotel in the history set in an ice sea during the Nanoq 2006 expedition. It was built in the key point of the mythical Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. Setting and dismantling that expedition hotel was made with the most environment respect and complying with all Canadian environmental laws and regulations.

In 2011 He made the first national crossing of the route North Pole Geographical to Canada after having skied for 40 days in a row on the frozen Arctic Ocean. He became the first Spaniard person, and one of the few people in the world, who made what is considered one of the most hardest and dangerous expeditions in the planet.

In 2022, he led the first expedition in the world who reached the highest point of the Devon icecap, one of the most remotes and unexplored mass of ice on the planet, using only human power. The 260 Km route was on skis and climbed more than 2.400 meters hauling sleds over 100 kg.

At informative level he has taught dozens of conferences in national and international level for more than 25 years in companies and institutions such as El Corte Inglés, IE (Instituto Empresa), Siemens-Continental, National Police School, Spanish Geographic Society, Madrid University, AIDCA (Argentinian association), and so on.

He has written some books, and dozens of press reports. Also he has made some documentaries and he appears frequently in important mass media (press, TV, radio, Internet, etc.)



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